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About Us

Loudoun Boutique is a romantic space enveloping both a shopping and gallery experience. Amidst the warm ambiance you will discover remarkable artisanal gifts and fashion from around-the-worldincluding locally made itemsalongside natural objects-of-wonder and fine European antiques spanning the 15th thru 19th centuries. 

Our curated selection of fine gifts, fashion and antiques connect with the traditions of quality, craftsmanship and sustainability, bringing you exciting signature items that purvey enlightened luxury. We represent socially and environmentally responsible high-quality international brands who elevate the industry with an emphasis on sustainable and natural materials, fair-wage traceable supply lines and classic, timeless designs and products hand-made to the highest standards of quality. 

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all online orders inside the USA. All orders are securely processed via Stripe or PayPal.